Bajka o kochaniu

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Unterhaltung Bücher
Entwickler Wydawnictwo Format

“A few simple words. Wise and delicate. A non-standard story of love (which never happens to be standard), embellished with non-standard illustrations.”
Michał Nogaś, Polish Radio

“Whispered narrative evokes real pleasure when you read it. It’s a beautiful, mellow and original though simply fairytale story for those in love, all ages – from twelve to one hundred and twelve.”
Roman Kurkiewicz, TOK FM Radio

“The most common but most difficult issue – love. In this book it gains the freshness and energy of a spring day. The unaffectedness of its words and images will get at all the readers’ hearts – the youngest, the teenage, the already-grown-up and those whose sensitivity can be only awakened by the memories of their first infatuation.”
Mirosław Ratajczak, Odra Magazine

“It’s so difficult to achieve such simplicity of expression. It has been accomplished in this charming book.”
Justyna Sobolewska, TVP

A short story about the most beautiful thing in the word concluded in a unusual message. Less words, more simple images. Charming and touching. This interactive tale with each board invites us to touch everything and discover that love is round and round.

This application is based on book published and awarded a few years ago, revived now with the hand-made animation and the music composed especially for it. We created this digital version to personalize each issue for its owner. You choose the effects. We can also print your own personalized book (if you are interested, please contact us on:

+ Simple and intuitive interface
+ Original illustrations projected for an animation
+ Interactive boards
+ Applications’ effects and functions
+ New form of a book